Infinite but bounded

Welcome to my travel and photography website!

I’ve written a short guide to the east coast and far north of Sri Lanka, based on my personal experiences. This half of Sri Lanka is one of the most interesting and beautiful places in Asia, but it has only recently begun to open up to tourism, after the end of the 26 year civil war. There are plenty of sights to see which have no connection to the conflict, and people are quickly rebuilding their lives, but there is still a fragility and sadness about some areas. The guide includes practical information on how to extend your Sri Lankan visa and how to obtain a permit for the north.

There are also photographs and articles about China, India, Mongolia, Indonesia and Malaysia, including a description of a fascinating, esoteric practice called theyyam, which is only found on the Malabar coast in the north of Kerala. Here ordinary men, from the lowest castes of Indian society, actually become gods, so that people can interact with them.

It’s a small world, but there are endless possibilities.